Coder for Life

With our Coder For Life program, we’ve made it possible to bring camp home with you at no cost. We understand that the IT industry is always evolving, improving, and pushing for continual growth and training. For this reason, when you graduate our coding camp, you will have lifetime access to all of our courses.

Future Friendly

We want you to be set up for long-term success, equipped with the most cutting-edge information and resources. You will be kept at the forefront of this competitive, ever-changing industry. A lifetime access to all our courses, typically at no cost, allows graduates to return at any time to learn new technology and refresh their skills on existing technology.

Ongoing Networking

This program also gives you access to a community of professional developers who are available to you for consulting advice, tools, job placement assistance, and more. This will provide pathways for those who wish to maintain the highest level of technological professionalism and expertise. Your employers will appreciate you being an ever progressing Coder For Life, fully actualizing your potential for personal and organizational growth.

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