Presence. Excellence. Impact.


Bethel School of Technology is dedicated to helping our students cultivate an awareness of His presence in their daily lives. The Presence of God transforms the world within us as it impacts the environment around us.


Bethel School of Technology is committed to teaching our students how to cultivate and steward excellent character. Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.


The awareness of God’s presence and the dedication to excellence is a force multiplier in advancing technology, increasing productivity, and enhancing creativity. Ultimately these attributes increase the impact of our lives on both the environments we serve and the people we serve with.

First-of-its-kind Faith-Based Bootcamp

There is no shortage of online and on-campus coding bootcamps, but Bethel Tech is a first-of-its-kind technology school, designed to provide both comprehensive, technical training and faith-based curriculum from the Bethel School of Ministry.

Instructor Led, Mentor Supported

Bethel School of Technology instructors and mentors provide one-on-one teaching and support to Bethel Tech students. Our students receive an accessible team of support and connection with a diverse community of fellow students.

Job Placement Services

As an additional student resource, our team is responsible for getting you ready for life after graduation. In doing so, we assist with resume preparation, interviewing skills, leveraging your social media presence, and connecting you with hiring managers. We will also work with you to build your portfolio for prospective employers and hiring managers within your respective industries.

Affordable Education

An average traditional computer software engineering degree costs approximately $150K for a four-year Bachelor’s degree or $48K for a two-year Associate’s degree. Bethel School of Technology provides a 33-week online program for $15,900.


Bethel School of Technology provides schools following the same curriculum to fit your lifestyle. Bethel Tech Online is a 33-week program, designed for working professionals or those who prefer a flexible, remote experience.

Holistic Curriculum

Bethel Tech is an amazing option for believers looking to start or further their careers in the quickly-growing field of technology. It’s a great fit for those who desire to pursue excellence and receive training on how to carry Biblical values into the workplace. Our holistic curriculum blends technical skill training and spiritual growth as one unified school experience.

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