Benefits of bootcamp vs. a traditional degree

According to the US Census bureau, only 27% of college graduates work in the field for which they went to school. Jason Shen, co-founder of the online platform Headlight, recently shared from the experience of his own workplace journey, suggesting that potential employees highlight their ability, not just their college degree. In a recent Ted talk he had this to say:

“The hiring systems we built in the 20th century are failing us and causing us to miss out on people with incredible potential. The advances in robotics and machine learning and transforming the way we work,automating routine tasks in many occupations while augmenting and amplifying human labor in others. At this rate, we should all be expecting to do jobs we've never done before for the rest of our careers.”

What does this mean for you in a bootcamp? Some of the benefits of attending an online bootcamp, such as Bethel Tech, include attending from anywhere while still maintaining a structured learning environment. A bonus of the environment is learning to build code and work collaboratively with others as well. This is a common feature in the workplace; coding can be solitary, yet most developers work together to provide solutions. More and more the marketplace in tech is moving to a collaborative style and approach to coding.

Jason Shen offers this perspective for both employers and employees. “Until we get a holistic view of someone, our judgment of them will always be flawed. Let's stop equating experience with ability, credentials with competence.” Traditional degrees have their place, and in our quickly changing world, so do boot camps that effectively equip you with skill and ability, not just knowledge. Technology isn’t just changing what we do, its changing how we interact with our world as employees and leaders. “If you're a candidate, don't wait for an employer to ask. Seek out ways to showcase your unique skills and abilities outside of just the standard resume and cover letter.”


Siri Bergquist is a graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, has a BA in Psychology and is Senior Investigator for the Summit Research Institute. She is passionate about good communication being restored to humanity, particularly in the Tech Space. Healthy, effective and complete communication is the key to healthy relationships, which in turn, allow us to apprehend our future.

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