Student Testimonies: Taylor

Here at Bethel Tech we love to focus on what God is doing by gathering and keeping testimonies. The beauty of testimony is that it is not just an account or a witnessing of what God has done, by their very nature testimonies carry revelation of who God is and grace to see the testimony repeated, over and over again.

In the beginning of December 2018, Taylor, one of our students, had this to share:

“I am feeling so so blessed right now! I cannot even begin to tell you about the amazing ride I’ve experienced since I joined Bethel Tech. I now have a job in my favorite city in the world (in the same small town where I discovered the true heart of God and found healing). I have an amazing spirit filled leader that is creating technology to change the world. I was given a place to live for free for 5 months and access to some of the most brilliant minds in the technology and data world.

But that’s not why I feel so blessed. Today I was talking to my boss and relaying some things I’ve sensed during my three weeks here and my interpretation of some dreams that others have experienced, and he was blown away. He told me that I have great prophetic insight (and this man has had some amazing prophetic words for me) and that he wants me to be in charge of praying for the company every day and ushering the spirit in to our space. I was so honored. Everyone at this company is spirit lead and more than capable of doing this, but he trusted me to take on the task and gather the team for prayer every day. God is so good and I am so excited for this journey with this incredible company!!!”

So what does this have to do with you? Maybe you find yourself in a place of not having a great relationship with your boss and you want to see it improve. Or perhaps you feel like the only person who believes as you do at your job. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming a lot lately and feel like you don’t know what God’s been trying to tell you in your dreams.

God is a God of breakthrough and promise. Just as He showered Taylor with the blessing of an affirming and life giving relationship with her boss, He will do the same for you. Take this testimony for yourself, that where there has been stagnancy in your journey, there will be breakthrough. Where you’ve felt alone, your eyes will be opened to the ones who are standing with you. Where you’ve felt like you haven't understood the language that God has been using to speak with you, you will now have clarity and understanding.


Siri Bergquist is a graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, has a BA in Psychology and is Senior Investigator for the Summit Research Institute. She is passionate about good communication being restored to humanity, particularly in the Tech Space. Healthy, effective and complete communication is the key to healthy relationships, which in turn, allow us to apprehend our future.

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