Student Testimonies: Taylor

At Bethel Tech we love to focus on what God is doing by gathering and keeping testimonies. The beauty of testimony is that it is not just an account or a witnessing of what God has done, by their very nature testimonies carry revelation of who God is and grace to see the testimony repeated, over and over again.

Mid December 2018, Tim, one of our students, had this to share:

“I'm brand spanking new at BST and after spending a little free time over the past week reading through some these testimonies I have been blessed to tears a few times. So I wanted to contribute a bit. This morning I went to the local grocery store to get one absolutely critical supply... coffee creamer! Tired and barely awake I get out of my truck in the cold weather and scurry up to the entrance for warmth and all I can think is how much I just want to get back home to my hot coffee and family.

With a bit of grudging in my mood knowing that I won't be able to say no to the call, I think to myself "What if I run into someone here who obviously needs healing?" And almost immediately I heard the Lord say, "It won’t take long."

Not really wanting to get 'involved', I literally ran to the back of the supermarket, grab the creamer and run back up to the front to pay. While it is my new habit to look for people who are in need of healing, I just wanted to get home and finish waking up for the day.

I got to the self check out area and saw an elderly man out of the corner of my eye. He was barely able to walk. I finish paying at the machine and I'm standing there trying to convince myself to just leave. Then one of the employees asks the man "How's the back doin' BROTHER?"

In my head I literally heard "bah humbug", can you believe this? Now I know the enemy is trying to prevent something. I know I have no choice anymore. I put my bag down and start a conversation with this elderly man. He shares a story about an injury he has, which I was recently restored from myself! I asked him if I could pray for his healing, telling him that the Lord wants to do the same for him and he almost bursts into tears saying that he asked God to send a healer to him this very morning in prayer!

I lay hands on him in prayer and immediately all the sciatica pain left his body. He felt warmth and tingling running through him and he was renewed. This man then shared a testimony with me for about 30 minutes that absolutely reshaped my thinking in a very specific place in my heart that I have been asking the Lord to enter into for a few weeks.The man began to dance right there in the store, saying he hadn't been able to move like that since before his wife passed away over 10 years ago! The enemy wants nothing more than to kill steal and destroy, but the Lord Jesus has come to give life!

All it takes is that step of faithfulness even when you don't really want to. I was so overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit that I returned to my truck empty handed and made it all the way back home before I realized I have left the creamer sitting next to the register in the store. Wouldn't you know it? When I went back to get it, I met a delightful homeless man in pain in the parking lot.... God is so good. Freely I have received so freely I will give.”

I love this testimony, mostly because it happened in an ordinary everyday place, and Tim wasn’t even seeking out the opportunity, quite the opposite in fact. God is always faithful to put in our way opportunities to see Him do great things. A friend of mine once told me, “I’m willing to look stupid and feel stupid in the eyes of the world so that Jesus can get everything He paid for. He can do it without me, but He doesn’t want to.”

If you have been wanting to pray for people and see them get healed and have yet to experience this, now is your opportunity. It isn’t dependent on you, its dependent on God, you’re just along for the ride. Stop reading and ask the Holy Spirit to put someone in your way. He will do it.

If you need healing in your own body, stop what you’re doing right now and test out the part of your body that needs healing. If there’s even a little bit of improvement, celebrate that improvement. Thankfulness gets us into a place where we remember how great and good God is and thankfulness makes it so much easier to connect with God.


Siri Bergquist is a graduate from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, has a BA in Psychology and is Senior Investigator for the Summit Research Institute. She is passionate about good communication being restored to humanity, particularly in the Tech Space. Healthy, effective and complete communication is the key to healthy relationships, which in turn, allow us to apprehend our future.

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