Data Science

Our Data Science curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. Students will learn to balance the theory and practice of applied mathematics and computer science, allowing them to analyze and handle large-scale data sets. You will also learn how to transform information to discover relationships and insights into complex data sets for today’s business world*.

Course Description

The Basic Statistics course will help students gain a fundamental understanding of statistical concepts that will be used throughout the Data Science program. Topics covered include probability, data types, common distributions, common descriptive statistics, and statistical inference.




Basic Statistics Probability, Data Types, Common Distributions, Common Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference
Databases Foundational knowledge of database concepts, theory, and overview of various implementations and architectures
Programming Foundations Programming Foundations in a language heavily used in data science
Statistical Programming Basic scripting and data manipulation commands, introduction to a vast library of functions to perform various statistical analyses
Data Visualization Data wrangling and manipulation to meet the rigid requirements for analysis, graphical representation of data
Metrics and Data Processing Creation of new metrics to directly answer business questions, theory and practice of statistical process control
Intermediate Statistics Hypothesis testing under multiple scenarios, identification and verification of data requirements for hypothesis testing
Introduction to Big Data Foundational concepts of Big Data and how to move from Big Data basics to more business-specific needs and requirements
Machine Learning and Modeling Determine the best methods for a given set of data, use of common software tools to utilize these methods
Group Project Work as a team in a scrum environment to cover tasks and progress collectively and individually to meet project goals

What You’ll Learn

  • To understand the basic foundations of statistical and computational techniques to derive meaningful business insights from data within any industry
  • Practical skills and work habits to prepare you for a career in Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Problem solve, enhance, debug existing systems
  • Build a resume, develop online and social branding and identify relevant positions in related fields

What You’ll Leave With

  • Career training and placement
  • Help building a resume
  • Assistance in developing a personal brand online
  • Help identifying relevant career positions in related fields

Potential Career Paths

  • Data Science
  • Data Developer
  • Data Analyst

Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations

Our mission at Bethel School of Technology is to raise up the best and brightest in the technology space, and train them to serve companies with the wisdom, character, and power of a loving God. That is why we’ve partnered with Bethel leaders and renowned authors, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk and Dann Farrelly, to build our Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations curriculum. Additionally, Bill, Kris, Danny and Dann will be hosting live virtual sessions with Q&A moderated by an online Revival Group Pastor, so that you can dive deeper into what it looks like for you to serve companies with excellence in what you do and who you are in Christ.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identity
  • Intimacy with the Lord
  • Supernatural Living
  • Kingdom Culture
  • Relationships and Community
  • Bible
  • Leadership
  • Culture of Honor

What You’ll Leave With

  • Discovery of your identity in Christ.
  • Developing a deeper intimacy with God and other believers.
  • Learning and living out Biblical Kingdom Values.
  • Learning to walk in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Learning to study and love Scripture.
  • Getting equipped in ministry training for the workforce.

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