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The Technical Specifications module is intended to familiarize students with the basics of defining the technical specifications for a given project. Students will learn how mock-up the structure, identify necessary elements, and write a functional specification for any given project.

Program Contents

Design Basics

The Design Basics module is intended to teach students the basics of using Filemaker Pro to set up tables, define fields, layouts, and relationships. Students will learn how FileMaker is used to rapidly create simple contact database for data entry and reporting.

Data Management

The Data Management module is intended to teach students how to manage and manipulate data within FileMaker Pro. Students will develop a foundational knowledge of programming concepts, including finding, sorting, importing and exporting.

Design and Usability Basics

The Design and Usability Basics module is intended to give students knowledge in how to use layout design to create easy to use and highly functional interfaces. Students will be able to use layout elements, themes and templates.

Calculations & Scripting

The Calculation and Scripting module is intended to give students a functional understanding of various calculation and scripting capabilities. Students will various combinations of defining calculations and setting up scripts to automate functionality for users.

Testing & Quality Assurance

The Testing & Quality Assurance course is intended to be an introduction to testing completed systems and rolling them out to users. Students will develop a foundational knowledge of testing and quality assurance procedures.


The Deployment course is intended to teach students how to deploy their solutions to a larger audience. This unit will focus on the differences between deploying via FileMaker Server, mobile and web.

Career Skills

The Career Skills course is intended to help students leverage their Social Media presence, build their resume, search for jobs in "hidden markets" and prepare for their job interview.

Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations

Our mission at Bethel School of Technology is to raise up the best and brightest in the technology space, and train them to serve companies with the wisdom, character, and power of a superior kingdom. That is why we’ve partnered with Bethel leaders and renowned authors, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk and Dann Farrelly, to build our Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations curriculum. Additionally, Bill, Kris, Danny and Dann will be hosting live virtual sessions with Q&A moderated by an online Revival Group Pastor, so that you can dive deeper into what it looks like for you to serve companies with excellence in what you do and who you are in Christ.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identity
  • Intimacy with the Lord
  • Supernatural Living
  • Kingdom Culture
  • Relationships and Community
  • Bible
  • Leadership
  • Culture of Honor

What You’ll Leave With

  • Discovery of your identity in Christ.
  • Developing a deeper intimacy with God and other believers.
  • Learning and living out Biblical Kingdom Values.
  • Learning to walk in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Learning to study and love Scripture.
  • Getting equipped in ministry training for the workforce.

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