Learn to design and develop for the user
experience. From graphic design basics, to
prototypes, user interfaces,
and app development.

What You'll get

  • 1,000+ hours of skills training that lead to in-demand jobs.
  • Instruction and mentorship from industry leaders and experienced developers.
  • Free access to other tech skills training and updated curriculum as the tech industry evolves.
  • Up to 27 hours of transferable college credit.
  • Faith-based values, taught by Bethel leaders Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk and Dann
    Farrelly, that help build high emotional intelligence.
  • Dedicated career services that prepare you for high-paying, high-growth jobs.

Where you'll grow

  • Stretch yourself to "foot-in-the-door" ready for a tech job in less than a year, regardless of previous tech background.
  • Entry level salary of $81k (Glassdoor).
  • Create compelling experiences for users of a product, drawing on results from user research to tell a story.
  • Grow your personal walk with God and further discover your identity in Christ.
  • Exemplify excellence in the workplace with high skill and high character.
  • Develop in-demand soft skills in areas such as: trust, accountability, empathy and conflict resolution.

Learn Anywhere,

Built for your world. Our online courses are completed in 33 weeks. Many of our students have families, jobs, and complete Bethel Tech.

Macbook Pro

The Course


Design Thinking and Structures

Basics of design principles, user empathy, and testing product hypothesis.


Research Methods

Overview of user research methods including quantitative, qualitative, and competitive analysis.


Ideation and Strategy

Discovery and development of ideation techniques, user stories, sitemaps, card sorting, and brand strategy.


Research Demonstration

Concepts of empathy maps, user personals, journey maps, and data analysis.


Coding Structures

Basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and Source Control.


Front-end Theories and Practices

Advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, and Javascript


Interaction Design and Prototyping

Lab environment where students develop competency in design tools, sketching screens, wireframes, grid layouts UI patterns and libraries. Key concepts of rapid prototyping, creating a prototype with a tool like Sketch or Adobe XD.


Presentations, Pitches, and Proposals

Building case studies, design presentations, processes and Client Projects. Develop a portfolio platform, personal brand, resumes, and social media content for hiring and the digital marketplace.


Capstone Design

Presentation of individual and client projects upon graduation.


Bethel Kingdom Core Foundations

Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, Leadership, and Honor.

Upcoming Start Dates


Aug 19, 2024


Sep 30, 2024


Nov 18, 2024