As you think ahead towards graduation - Many high schoolers are ready
for college-level coursework.

Our program is meant to raise up the best and brightest in the technology
world, and train them to demonstrate the wisdom, character, and
excellence based in a Charismatic Christian worldview. Ultimately, our
greatest desire is to see our students serve some of the finest companies
in the world with excellence, dedicated to helping these organizations
become fully actualized, high-performing companies.



As a graduated high school senior, I had to rethink my college plans in 2020. At the age of 19, I now work as a full stack developer. With the online course I was able to work at my own pace. I really enjoyed that it was a faith-based learning environment where classmates would have a similar worldview and also believe that God is moving in technology today. "

Pick The Program Right for You.

High School
Summer Intensive
Coding & Christian Leadership

A skill that will go with you far past high school, coding is now considered an essential skill set for a variety of industries.

Enrolled in the high school elective and ready to keep going? You'll transfer 1 module to our Full Stack Web Development Certificate or OR continue in the fall to finish a second class.


Dive into our rigorous 39-week bootcamp - where you’ll graduate ready to apply for jobs in the tech field. We offer certificate programs in Full Stack Web Development, UIUX Design, Data Science, or Cyber Security.


Whether you simply want to try out code or are ready to make the jump, we have you covered.

All programs include


College Credit

Online Enrollment

Spiritual Formation

Best for Trying it Out

High School Elective

1 class in 8 weeks

  • College level courses included

  • Online

  • 10 hours per week required

  • Starts June 12, 2023

  • Monday & Thursday, 10am-2:30pm PST (with breaks between classes)

  • Live instruction & labs by tech pros

  • Revival Groups, a small group that
    meets weekly to build community &
    foster spiritual growth

  • Certificate of completion
    with up to 2 hours of transferable
    college credit

Best for a Career in Tech

Tech Bootcamp

39 Weeks

  • 11 college level courses included

  • Transfers as 27 college credits

  • Online

  • 25-30 hours per week

  • Rolling, monthly enrollments

  • Flexible schedule

  • Workshops, Code Reviews,
    Office Hours, & Career Coaching

  • Revival Groups & one-on-one mentoring
    sessions with Spiritual Mentor

  • Certificate in Full Stack Development,
    Data Science, UI/UX, or Cyber Security
    with up to 27 hours of transferable
    college credit

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the elective vs. the bootcamp?


To enroll in the High School Elective students must be 14 years of age or older, completed Algebra 1 & 2, a believer in Jesus Christ and be in agreement with statement of faith.
To enroll in the bootcamp, students must be 16 years of age, completed Algebra 1 & 2, a believer in Jesus Christ and be in agreement with statement of faith.

What is covered in the elective?


In the High School Elective, we will cover:

Coding Structures
This 16-week course prepares students who have no previous coding experience to create and host their own websites from scratch. Students will gain a basic understanding of programming and web development, and learn how to approach problems with a developer mindset. This module is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in technology and the student who wishes to gain key problem-solving skills found in programming that will prepare them for any career.

Web Foundations
This 16-week course builds upon the basics of coding structures and dives deeper into more advanced front-end website design. This module prepares students to become skillful web developers and increases their knowledge with industry-level tools and techniques used by web developers today. Upon completion, students will have a portfolio of several web-based projects that will help them progress in their coding education and pursue more advanced coding projects. The Web Foundations module is a great introduction for learning software development and/or pursuing a career in technology.

Kingdom Foundations
This course spans two semesters and focuses on what it looks like to display excellent character in the workplace rooted in Biblical values and identity in Christ. The first 16-week module equips students with in-demand soft skills such as building healthy relationships and community, brave communication, and honoring others. The second 16-week module focuses on developing Biblical belief systems and core values that will grow a student’s interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and overall leadership skills.

What does Bethel believe?


Bethel is a congregation of worshippers of Jesus Christ in Redding, California, who long to see hearts ignited until heaven meets earth.
We have 13 core values that drive who we are and what we do.

We believe:

  • God is Good
  • Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
  • Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
  • Responsive to Grace
  • Focused on His Presence
  • Creating Healthy Families
  • God’s Word Transforms
  • God Is Still Speaking
  • Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
  • His Kingdom Is Advancing
  • Free and Responsible
  • Honor Affirms Value
  • Generous Like My Father
  • Hope in a Glorious Church

To read our full statement of faith and read about each core value at length, click here.

What is Revival Group?


We believe relationships and connection are the basis of the kingdom of God and a key component for our students.
In Revival Group students receive spiritual mentorship and support while building a strong community.