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Ken Coleman partners with Bethel School of Technology,
to see you launch your tech career ignited with passion and purpose.

With graduates working at

With graduates working at

“I’m excited about Bethel Tech because
they are offering you the opportunity to
get qualified AND connected all in one
place. The numbers don’t lie. Students
report an average 65% increase in salary
after going through Bethel Tech and
landing their first job in Tech. The reason
companies hire these graduates at such a
high rate is because Bethel Tech helps to
develop both hard and soft skills. That’s
invaluable in today’s workplace!”

At Bethel School of Technology, skip the debt and get started in a career you love. As the only Christian online tech bootcamp in the world you’ll gain the essential skills needed to start your tech career in 9 months.

“After graduating from Bethel Tech,
I got a job as a back-end developer
and doubled my previous salary.”

- Tyler E,
Full Stack Developer



Cyber Security
Data Science
Full Stack Development
UI/UX Design

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for a Junior Developer


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Do I need to have a tech background?

You do not! We equip our students with the skills necessary to get an entry-level tech job with an average starting salary of $66,000.

Can I continue to work and attend Bethel Tech?

Yes! We’re built for your world. Our online courses are completed in 39 weeks. Many of our students have families & jobs, and complete Bethel Tech.

How will I get a job when I graduate?

80% of our grads land jobs & many double their previous income! With career coaching in resume preparation, interview skills, social media presence, networking, building a technical portfolio, & more, you will be equipped to land a job in the tech field.

What does it mean that you’re an online Christian tech bootcamp?

Our students grow in not just technical ability, but also in Christian character. You will grow your personal walk with God and further discover your identity in Christ with teaching from Bethel leaders Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Dann Farrelly, & more.