Who is BST for?

Career Seeker

  • Skills for an in-demand, financially lucrative career
  • Average annual salary: $66,800
  • New IT jobs projected to grow at a rate 66% higher than average for all jobs
  • Be prepared spiritually and intellectually to enter the job market
  • Lots of room for growth and advancement in your field
  • Opportunity to impact large companies worldwide
  • Connecting with individuals with similar vision in your field, growing together (networking)

Women in Technology

  • Opportunity to work remotely anywhere, anytime
  • Untapped market, high demand
  • Companies are looking to diversify, creating more opportunity for women
  • Model to future generations what it looks like to break into new territory, they can go after their dreams
  • Bring a new perspective into the tech world, impact lives in a new way
  • 43% of bootcamp grads are women; compared to 15% for Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Working Professional

  • Keep your career on the cutting edge
  • Utilize and progress in the skills and disciplines learned from your workplace for career pathing
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Engage intellectually and spiritually with like-minded professionals

The Freelancer

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Become a highly sought after full stack web developer
  • Ability to attend on-campus or online, giving flexibility to continue current work
  • Learn from highly-skilled professional-level instructors and mentors
  • Minimal investment for a long-term payoff
  • Work remotely, anywhere anytime

Digital Missionary

  • Opportunity to connect and network with others who share your passion to transform the IT industry
  • Be a part of the first faith-based coding camp
  • Bring kingdom culture into the workplace
  • Receive an average salary raise of 26K
  • Shift the atmospheres of your workplace
  • Join in creating a profound impact on the organizations you serve, ushering in the presence of God to your environment

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